Words with weight

From our first words we are taught that the things we say have weight. Whilst words don’t have the power to change reality the ‘data’ we share has the ability to change our perception of reality, for example things we have heard before meeting someone new can forge a preconception whether right or wrong.

With such weight attached to the words we say we looked into the actual units of measurement of words or ‘data’ with some surprising results.

Did you know, the weight of the entire internet is roughly that of a strawberry? The weight of all the electrons firing all over the world that make up the internet is equivalent to 50 grams. The data that is constantly being shared has a physical presence, much the same as when you download an e-book your device actually increases by 0.000000000000000001g.

So we’ve established that data has weight, but what about the data we share? What about our thoughts? Studies show that if you were able to remove a thought outside of a body it would weigh as much as one single electron or about a millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a pound.

With an established weight to the things we say or the ‘data’ we share, maybe it is time for us to take careful consideration into what we express. Every message should be carefully managed and prepared both in the PR world and beyond. More importantly, if thoughts can be measured in electrons how long until we can download our thoughts and live forever in an awesome robot body?!

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