A stable of innovative solutions for your business. With a strong emphasis on industrial media relations.

Our work with entrepreneurial businesses and global brands is carried out under the watchful eye of a highly creative and dedicated London-based team.

We focus on creating shareholder value by crafting and implementing innovative marketing communications solutions and industrial media relations – all designed to add directly to your bottom line. Much of our work is based around the creation of ‘owned assets’ which add significantly to our clients’ strategic direction.

Each project or programme we create follows a comprehensive exploration of the client’s wants and strategic needs at every level, be it international, national or local. We operate as lead strategic consultancy across EMEA for a number of global organisations and represent businesses with a combined turnover of over $52bn

Meet the Team

Neil FullbrookNeil Fullbrook - when I was young

Neil Fullbrook

Co-Founder and Director

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Tom Spencer - Cadence MarketingTom child

Tom Spencer

Managing Director

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Sam BottrillBaby Sam

Sam Bottrill

Client Manager

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Jane WharamJane Wharam

Jane Wharam

Social Media Consultant

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Giles Pittock - Design Consultant

Giles Pittock

Design Consultant

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Aimee Nicholas -Cadence Marketing

Aimee Nicholas

Events consultant

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