Top 5 things to consider as an exhibitor

Top 5 things to consider as an exhibitor

Many of the top names in the industry will be attending Drives & Controls 2018, Smart Industry, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions and many companies will use it as a launch pad for their latest products, services and ideas. As Cadence’s brand First Friday Club will be running the press office, we thought we’d pull together our top things to steer clear of, these tips are designed to make sure you do just that.

Don’t skip-out on social media

  • Don’t get caught up in the moment and forget to capture and share the experience. Industry trade shows are an exceptional way to build your social media influence. Make your presence known at the show by using your website and social media platforms to announce your attendance, including pictures from the show and shout-outs to any industry partners.
  • We’re offering the quintessential toolkit to boost your social media profile during the show by live streaming an exclusive BBC-style TV interview of your spokesperson, product demo and branding captured by our HD film crew with dedicated social media posts to maximise your ROI. Find out more, here.
  • Once the show has wrapped up, it’s important to track your social media channels to see how they have been affected. Web traffic is one of the most important things you need to monitor.

Don’t neglect to measure ROI

  • Be aware going into the show how you are going to measure success. Find a way to measure the marketing techniques and their effectiveness, if you don’t measure your ROI you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Tracking and reporting the results of your exhibit efforts post show is crucial to your future success, knowing what worked and what didn’t will ensure that your next expo will be more effective. There are two ways customers can find your website, through direct traffic or organic search. Measuring changes in both types of web traffic is essential. Once you have calculated your ROI you can use this valuable data to structure your future marketing plan.

Don’t forget to capture your leads

  • One of the primary goals of exhibiting at a trade shows is to collect leads. Therefore, one of the most valuable metrics you will measure is the number of leads gathered. The simplest way to do this is by taking advantage of a lead capture app such as this. By doing so you will know exactly how many leads you have gather and how well qualified they are so that you can personalise your post-show follow-up strategy.

Don’t come unprepared. Be SMART.

  • Set specific goals and objectives by thoroughly planning. Without setting specific objectives, you will never know whether the show was a success. Therefore, you must set SMART goals to determine what goals make the most sense for your organisation.
    • Sensible
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Truthful 

Finally, don’t forget your manners!

  • Remember, proper showroom floor etiquette is very important. Exhibitors should be knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable, not aggressive. Keep in mind selling at a trade show is very different than selling in the field or by phone.
  • The art of trade show selling comes down to personalised communication tactics that demonstrate your product in a relatable way.
  • Your ability to ask questions and distinguish between a qualified attendee and a qualified prospect, will determine the degree of success you will achieve. Be mindful of your body language as to not give off the wrong impression to potential leads, such as sitting down or avoiding eye contact. Consistency maintaining a confident positive demeanor sends signals telling attendees that your organisation is worth knowing.
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