Learn the tricks of the trade to stand out at the Drives & Controls 2018, Smart Industry, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions

We are thrilled to announce that the First Friday Club Editors’ Briefings (FFC) will be hosting the official press office function at the biennial Drives & Controls, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, Air-Tech Exhibitions and the inaugural Smart Industry Expo. Taking place at the Birmingham’s NEC from 10th -12th April 2018.

We’re delighted to be bringing an innovative approach to networking and knowledge sharing to DFA Media’s co-location of key manufacturing and engineering events. The show covers the very latest in mechanical power transmission, energy efficiency, machine safety, motion control, drives and automation all under one roof.  It’s a unique opportunity to bring today’s engineering professionals and prominent suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment together with expert industry journalists to learn about the latest evolving technologies on the market, making it the most influential conference of its kind in the UK.

Ian Atkinson, Managing Director of show organiser, DFA Media, shared: “We are extremely excited to be working with The First Friday Club Editors’ Briefings, who will provide a distinctive and innovative media experience through the official show press office for the duration of the co-location of events. FFC is held in very high esteem among all the key editors in the manufacturing and engineering press and no doubt this will ultimately help enhance exhibitors’ exposure.”

We are proud to be supporting and contributing to the Drives & Controls 2018, Smart Industry, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions and want to share our hints and tips on how to effectively market yourself during the expo.

According to Forbes, “Differentiation is the key to success in a hyper-competitive world, and commoditisation is the enemy. Become different in a valuable way.”

The key to making the most out of an expo is building new relationships by exchanging ideas. Genuine intentions shine to foster effective communication which is the first step to forming a sincere connection. On the crowded tradeshow floor, the ability to stand out is more than just having the flashiest booth. These key strategies will help you to make a lasting impression whether you’re an exhibitor or an attendee.

As an exhibitor:

Optimise Your Team –  Ahead of the event collaborate and strategise what each member of your team should be doing, based on their strong suits and a foundation of interpersonal communication. Within the show, there’s likely several events going on – the tradeshow floor, breakout sessions, potentially one-on-one meetings and executive sessions. Think about who on your team is best suited for networking throughout the day versus manning the booth or attending educational sessions.

Have an Exhibition that Stands Out – While having the flashiest exhibit on the floor may not be the end goal, it is important to stand out and present a polished image. You want to be distinguishable from surrounding booths and eye-catching in your presentation. Do this by incorporating a creative and lively visional into your stand to make it appealing to visitors.

Provide an Incentive – What attendees remember must is the interaction your team had and a quality, useful giveaway helps remind them of that interaction. If you give away technology, think about items that will be genuinely useful and that maybe not everyone already has (looking at you, USB drives). Know your audience and think about the things they use everyday and activities they enjoy.

Have a Visibility Plan – Use social media to share updates and photos in real time.  Being active on social media leading up to the event and during your exhibition can help generate interest. Use different platforms to spread the word and provide information. For example, use the exhibition show’s hashtag and tag relevant accounts to boost your visibility.

As an attendee:

Put Your Best Foot Forward – By putting forth the best impression for yourself or your company you’ll generate more connections and cultivate more relationships. Some companies opt for branded polos, some for suits and we’ve seen everything in between. Know your target audience and make sure you’re dressed to impress. Keep in mind that if you’re not exhibiting, you are your booth.

Have a Goal – Why are you attending? To learn something new? Make new contacts? Chase down a meeting with that one, super-important prospect that could make your year? It’s easy to get distracted at the show. Make sure you identify your highest priority and keep it clear in your mind.

Get Social – Stay connected by using social media platforms to react, share updates and photos in real time throughout the event. It’s great content for your channels and can sometimes lead to unexpected connections at the show.

Know Your Industry – Position yourself as an expert. Use current industry trends and recent projects as ice-breaking talking points. Get to the heart of the brand your networking with by asking thought provoking questions. To make the most out of your opportunity it’s beneficial to have an elevator pitch at the ready to ensure you know the ins and outs of your company’s mission statement so that you can eloquently answer whatever questions come your way.

Invest Your Time Wisely – Be discerning when choosing business prospects and prioritise your time to effectively communicate how you can help their company excel.

Use these tricks of the trade and you’ll be sure to ace the expo. Click here for more information about the Drives & Controls 2018, Smart Industry, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions.

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