Enter…The Mootrix

Technology has been improving human’s lives consistently and aided laborious processes such as farming for decades now. Even in the idyllic outdoors and the “get away from it all” life, farmers can’t ignore the latest technological advances. Some would argue that farming actually leads the technological revolution in traditionally manual processes. All of the industrial revolutions span farming techniques.

Some farmers are implementing technology in ways many of us wouldn’t even imagine. For instance, across the world different countries have a variety of differing ways to calming-cows; American farmers install rotating brushes to massage their bovine beauties, whereas in Europe farmers deploy automated gated systems to maximise free movement and in Russia manufacturers soothe the lowing herd by broadcasting classical music. All these approaches have a positive affect on milk production.

Russian dairy farmers seem to be a cloven-hoofed step ahead of the herd with virtual reality. Let’s call it ‘The Mootrix’. That’s right, cows are being fitted with specially designed VR headsets to improve the overall emotional mooooood of the herd, and initial tests are proving the novel approach a success. What the cows are seeing through these headsets is a “unique summer field simulation program”. These cows feel like they are in a happy place, which reportedly reduces their anxiety, again aiding milk production.

It’s early days and further studies are being carried out on the effect of VR on milk production.

It poses a question. Could we see a dystopian future when cows have to rise-up against their robotic overlords? Highly doubtful, but there is a lesson to be learnt: just by spending some time in our own happy place, whatever that may be, we can all reduce anxiety levels and be more productive every day.

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