Cadence Owners Attend Official Dedication of Dan Doherty Memorial School in Nepal

Here at Cadence we work really hard to help our clients claim their voice in the world, and speak directly to their key stakeholders. We also love working with them on really sustainable marketing initiatives – especially where they are able to reach out and benefit wider communities in some way.

As most readers of this blog will know, we lost our much loved and hugely revered colleague Dan Doherty after a short but typically fearless battle with cancer last year. Dan inspired people to be the best that they could be and helped countless individuals, charities, and businesses to achieve more than they dreamed possible with his enthusiasm, skill, wit, positivity, and sense of purpose.

The only fitting memorial to Dan is to continue his life’s work so that people continue to benefit from his legacy, and Cadence is determined to do exactly that. First by continuing to be a PR consultancy with a difference; a ‘critical friend’ when needed, a ‘good butler’ always, a strong force for creativity, a sensitive counsellor in issues and crisis management, and a champion of visions and visionaries, of innovation and innovators.

But being the co-founder of Cadence was just one of the strings to Dan’s bow – he also championed entrepreneurship, and Cadence maintains strong links with the City of London Guild which promotes fellowship and excellence in Entrepreneurship – The Guild of Entrepreneurs. Through the Guild, of which Dan was Master at the time of his death, he is remembered in various ways – but the most important to him would almost certainly have been its continued growth and benefit to members and the charities it supports.

Dan also gave his considerable talents freely as a trustee, board member and marketing consultant to various other charities and causes throughout his life and none were more important to him than Leaning for Life, which helps deliver educational facilities to some of the poorest children in the world. Fellow Cadence co-founder Neil Fullbrook has led concerted efforts with Learning for Life to build on Dan’s legacy here through various fundraising events – including jumping from an aeroplane!

plane jump

Neil Fullbrook and Tom Spencer back on earth following their fundraising jump in September

And so it was with immense pride that together with Cadence Managing Director Tom Spencer, Neil attended the first major project in Dan’s memory at the weekend – the dedication of the Dan Doherty Memorial School in Nepal.


The Dan Doherty Memorial School

In life, Dan had a knack of helping people to achieve things that they never ever thought they would. For many of us who knew him well, or even just a little, it was difficult to comprehend the size of the hole that his loss left in the lives of so many people. He really was larger than life. It perhaps shouldn’t be a huge surprise then, that within a year of losing him, he’s still able to give his colleagues and friends life changing moments!

In Dan’s case, being larger than life meant just that – he’s still a huge force for everything he stood for and is making a difference now, just as he always did.


Neil with some of the school’s first students

A final note on legacy here – because good legacies, just like good PR initiatives, are sustainable, and that is a watchword for Learning for Life – whose projects are set up to be self-sufficient in a short period of time. But while the project gets on its own two feet it will continue to receive support from the charity and specifically from Neil’s continued efforts in fundraising. Cadence will be right behind this of course – stand by to hear more about what we’ve got planned very soon.

More about Learning for Life here

If you’d like to donate your time, effort or any amount of money to the cause, contact us

And of course, if you want to work with a PR company with a difference, be that to reach your stakeholders and develop your voice, or to start sustainable initiatives that help your community – talk to us!

We blog every week on subjects ranging from communication to technology to culture, and anything else in between that we find interesting. See you next time!

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