Autumn Days

There are leaves all over the place, the number of daylight hours are dwindling and suddenly everyone’s wearing jumpers. It can only mean one thing – it’s autumn! All seasons have their own charms and autumn is no exception, but it does force us to make some difficult decisions.

And not just about whether to take a jacket out with you. The big decision autumn asks us to make is whether to throw ourselves head first into the joys of the season, or instead to put our heads down and prepare for Winter. The answer will inevitably lie somewhere on a spectrum between the two, but here at Cadence we’re taking a leaf out of the industrious ant’s book and erring on the side of preparation and hard work.

And it’s just as well. The run-up to Christmas is a busy time for any marketing or PR company, and we are no exception. The reason? Events (dear boy). As well as keeping all our clients happy delivering the PR services they expect from us, there are also lots of celebrations that all need to be planned and delivered on time and on budget, and that takes expertise, craft and a healthy measure of elbow grease.

We’ve also got some exciting changes afoot here at our HQ, where we will soon be joined by a new member of the team and one that we’re all looking forward to welcoming aboard. In recent months we’ve also launched an entirely new product called the TechIncubator, which helps companies keep their internet presence up-to-date for a fraction the cost of having a full-time member of staff taking care of it.

With plenty more fresh innovations to come in the new year, we’ll be making the most of the Autumn by pushing on and building on the progress we’ve made throughout the Spring and Summer. As our clients can tell you, when the cold winds start to blow we can always be found working away in the woodshed ready to help. So, if you think you might like some help this autumn, you know where to find us!

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