Why my generation can be so successful…

Most notably my generation (millennials) are known for being lazy, the bank of mum and dad, game junkies, motionless, bland and selfies. We have been given various titles including the “me” generation and the “always on” generation, but do you truly know us? My generation makes up a quarter of the UKs population and we are on our way to take over the workforce.

So what makes us so successful and different?

1) We are entrepreneurial!
It is expected that over 65% of my generation at some point in their life want to start their own business. In a world when innovation and flexibility is everything the start-up culture is starting to sell itself to young people (p.s. we hate the word millennials!). There is an increasing urge to solve problems and change the way the world operates this is partly being sparked by the inner design for creativity and innovation.

2) We are resilient!
Nobody likes to “fail”. We love to try new things and if something fails so what, we will simply continue to adapt and change it until there is a solution. Growing up we are constantly told that everything will turn out rosy, so we believe this will happen and will do anything to get there.

3) We are ambitious!
One of the biggest thing we are criticized on is our ambition and goals. As a collection, we are like a pack of dreamers who in some cases have only our ambition and goals to live on. But guess what, we will never stop dreaming, if we put our mind to it we can achieve anything.

4) We are tech-savvy!
We are not into following trends or looking at the past, we make the present! Over 70% of my generation have been reported to say that technology has made our life’s easier – but how would we know? We have lived with technology since day 1. You can send us any news system or tech gadget and we will most likely be able to master it very quickly.
5) We are excellent at sleeping!

On average we get 8 hours and 53 minuets of sleep per night (according to the Census Bureau) – this is way more than the previous generation. For us, sleep is not a ‘waste of time’ it is part of life which needs to be done and respected. By being able to sleep a lot more helps our brain functions better and increases our response level to new heights.
6) We are success driven!

Of course, we do care about money but at the same time the idea of success sounds a lot more attractive! We live being able to know that one day if we put our mind to it our ambitions will come true and we can be ‘successful’.
7) We can multi-task!

It has been reported that we have been known to “switch media venues 27 times per non-working hour”! We can also process this information a lot quicker because we have been doing it since day 1. Think how productive we can be in a working hour!
8) We know our priorities!

We are amazing at valuing what is important to us and not just simply looking towards what looks good on paper. If there is something which we love, we will pursue it and look at ways to learn more and achieve greater things. P.S. cleaning the dishes is not high up on the list!
9) We think flexible hours are awesome!

If it is something high up on our priories we don’t mind work 24 hours per day – as long as we can work from wherever we want to be. 9 our of 10 young people have said they have no problem checking our work emails on our phone outside of work hours and over 75% of us think that having flexible hours make us more productive and ultimately happier.

The problem is that all of this is our potential but we are not being given the chance to show this and prove ourselves. I challenge you to set yourself a goal of helping at least 1 millennial to improve these traits and be given the facts to help us succeed.

If you want living proof that my generation do have the potential make sure you watch Pocket Money Pitch on CBBC every Monday at 5:30pm (and on iPlayer).

By Ben Towers

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