The First Friday Club

We like to keep busy here at Cadence. In between running the Industry Entrepreneurship Network, helping our fantastic clients with their communications and running the annual Attitudes to UK Industry survey, we also find time to organise and host the First Friday Club (FFC) on behalf of the UK’s leading trade and technical publications. Run on a monthly basis for the past twenty years, the event brings journalists together with the people and products of the manufacturing and engineering spheres. The result is a fruitful exchange of information and ideas in a press conference format with time built in to allow for the development of meaningful relationships for journalists and professionals.


What is it?

The club was founded by a group of editors back in the mid-nineties as a way of reducing the amount of travel they did visiting leading companies in their field by bringing them to a central location. Those editors quickly realised the administrative burden involved and invited John Fisher, of Fisher Marketing, to help. John helped the club grow and it was given fresh impetus when Fisher Marketing became a part of Cadence in 2009. Soon after this, Cadence added a new element – the ‘association slot’. This element is the inclusion, free of charge, of a relevant industry association to add further value for the journalists and industry in general. There are usually three or four presentations per event with each lasting around twenty minutes including a lively Q&A element. Most of our events feature a range of subjects, though sometimes there is a specific focus on (for example) automation, the Food & Beverage industry or, like last month, packaging.


Who can benefit from it?

Organisations and companies of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds have presented at the FFC, because the publications that attend the event cover virtually every sector of industry. Most of the presenters speak on behalf of UK-based companies but we have also had presentations from organisations based in the US and across Europe. Attendance at a First Friday Club gives companies the chance to speak directly to editors of some of the UK’s leading technical publications, so it is a very effective way to announce a new product or to communicate something to the public.


What is the secret behind its success?

There are many positive things that can be said of the First Friday Club. The central London location means that editors and presenters can easily travel from all over the country to attend, and the venues are always chosen carefully. The atmosphere is very convivial and welcoming, and it’s a great place to learn more about what’s going on in the various industrial sectors. The single most important factor in its continued success though, is that it creates pages of coverage for the presenting companies.

Find out even more about the FFC at or call Sam on 020 7043 8847.

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