BLOG: Faraday Future is … well the future!

Smart tech is everywhere in today’s world, smart phones and smart TVs dominate our free time and even hairbrushes are starting to think for themselves. However, one sector in which this tech is yet to be seen as commonplace is the automotive industry.

That’s not to say that innovation isn’t there. Electric and hybrid motors are on the roads now , but the space-age wonders are really taking their time to get into mainline production.

For example:

KIEV - SEPTEMBER 10: Toyota Prius at yearly automotive-show "Capital auto show 2011". September 10, 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine.

(Luckily BMW is on hand to help with that)

FRANKFURT - SEP 25: BMW Concept car i8 shown at the 64th Internationale Automobil Ausstellung (IAA) on September 25, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

It seems that we still have a while to wait before the truly futuristic ‘transformable’ cars start rolling off the forecourts but the immediate future of smart vehicles, the Faraday Future, is already upon us.

A perfect mixture of futuristic styling and connected technologies, the Faraday Future is set to rival the top dog, Tesla’s Model S.

Boasting increased performance, this self-driving car offers something truly unique. Each owner would be connected to an “FFID” account, making it possible for the car to share data with your current devices, think watching your favourite film on the steering wheel of your car while it takes you to your destination!

Whilst still in its early stages the Faraday Future is aiming to start distribution in 2018, though this may be optimistic given that this is a current photograph of their factory:

Despite the challenges that face the Faraday Future, electric and self-driving cars are on the rise according to Simon Bryant, an analyst at Futuresource. He estimates around one in 10 vehicles will be electric or hybrid by 2020, around 8 million vehicles.

What features do you need from a smart vehicle that would convince you do away with the petrol power of the past? Perhaps there is another everyday item you wish had smart capabilities – why not let us know @TheCadenceTeam.

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